GET /api/ogen - generate social media image

Query parameters:

width - (int) image width (default 1200)
height - (int) image height (default 628)
title - (string) main image text (left-top aligned, large font)
author - (string) source author (left-bottom aligned, medium bold font)
website - (string) source link (left-bottom aligned, medium light font)
logo - (string) url to source logo (right-bottom aligned, cropped to 250 max width)
background - (string) url to image background (black background by default)
title.font - (string) title font (default OpenSans-SemiBold.ttf)
title.font.size - (number) title font size (default 80)
author.font - (string) title font (default OpenSans-SemiBold.ttf)
author.font.size - (number) author font size (default 50)
website.font - (string) title font (default OpenSans-Light.ttf)
website.font.size - (number) author font size (default 50)
background.dim - (int) dim background (0-255) (default 0)
background.overlay - (bool) use dark frame on top of the background (default false)